Unusual project to dismantle a Walnut Tree that was a feature of a Tree House

The Walnut tree was first introduced to the UK by the Romans. They had a liking for nuts in their diet, and the Walnut was considered as food from the gods. The Walnut is a deciduous broadleaf tree which can grow up to 35m. Typically, it has a short trunk and broad crown. If it shares woodland space, it can be narrower in width. 

The project

The Walnut tree in this particular clients garden had unfortunately died and was decaying quite rapidly. Unusually, it had become a very interesting feature for a previous owner of the property. They had built a wonderful treehouse around the tree for their children to enjoy. The images show just how creaetive this structure was.

Unfortunately, as amazing as it may have looked, it is certainly not advisable as this was probably the main contributing factor to the demise of the tree. Branches had started to crack and potentially formed a danger to the new owners who used the garden regularly. Our task was to remove the branches, leaving the main stem in place, which allowed for the treehouse to continue its more recent role as a good wildlife habitat for a variety of animals.

In order to do this safely as the tree was too far gone for climbing, we utilised our brilliant RQG 18 narrow access tracked platform. Fortunately, nothing was wasted, the timber was cut and split for the clients wood burner, and the smaller branches chipped to provide mulch for the garden. 

The outcome

Treehouses are certainly a fabulous outdoor space for children to enjoy, but it is important that the welfare of the tree is taken into consideration. The Walnut we suspect would have been alive today, but the lack of sunlight to a large section of the main stem had unfortunately killed the tree. So, if you are looking to build a treehouse, make sure sunlight is restricted to the minimum in order for the tree to survive and flourish.

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