Woodland setting requires some extensive tree surgery and maintenance

Many of our customers in Suffolk have quite extensive grounds, and this particular customer has just over 2 acres of woodland at the back of their rear garden. The woodland has many species of trees and requires regular tree surgery maintenance to keep the environment safe for occupants.

The project

Every year and sometimes twice a year, we return to this beautiful location. It creates a great working environment, and the woodland is full of wildlife, sometimes we get a great view of wild deer and other wildlife that choose the woodland for protection, food and safe habitat.

Our trip this year involved some extensive crowning and trimming tree surgery work to many of the more established trees, but also cutting away the density of foilage around the foot of many trees, in turn helping them to take as much moisture from the surrounding earth as possible.

The owner also asked us to replace the gate and fence area at the rear of the property, which opens up on to the surrounding farmland. We had two teams in place, with one crew of tree surgeons working on the trees, and another team working on the replacement post and rail fencing. The project took us three days in all, and the woodland has now had its annual makeover, looking tidy and ready for all species to enjoy the location.

The outcome

This project is one of our best, and it is great to go back to such a beautiful location near to Framlingham every year. The client now has enough firewood for the winter, and we have enjoyed three days of glorious early summer sunshine.