TreeSurv is a new complementary service for our clients.  The service includes :

  • Ground level viewing and assessment of your trees
  • A written schedule of works required with a free no obligation quotation
  • Advice and recommendations
  • TPO and Conservation Area applications
uprooted tree on house
uprooted tree and stump
Fallen tree on car

Why have we put TreeSurv in place?

Tree owners have a legal obligation to ensure their trees are in a safe condition, do not pose a danger to others and are not causing damage to other people’s property. 

This is not only relevant to trees adjacent public highways, footpaths and open spaces but also trees within your property wherever third party access is permitted.

TreeSurv has been put in place to help protect you and ensure your trees remain in a safe and healthy condition.

Meripilus on Tree
Inonotus 2
Honey Fungus tree infection



Honey Fungus

Ganoderma - bracket on tree stump
Oak - black ooze - sudden oak death 1
Dutch Elm disease - beetle tracks on the tree


Oak - Black Ooze

Dutch Elm Disease