Stump Grinding & Removal

stump-grinding-twoWhen you remove a tree which requires the complete removal of the visible stump that protrudes above ground, we utilise one of our stump grinding machines, which are capable of grinding down the stump to ground level. A small proportion of the stump still remains, and causes no harm or future risk.

Complete removal of the stump

If you are looking to replant, then the removal of the stump is required, and there are a number of reasons why a stump removal is required including:

  • A new building is to be constructed on the site
  • The stump is located in the way of a new fence
  • Also, if the remaining stump is aesthetically not appealing, especially appropriate if it is situated in the middle of lawned area

The most efficient way of removing the stump, after removal the surrounding earth, is to utilise a stump grinder. We have varying sizes of stump grinders dependent on the size of the stump to be removed. Each has a large cutting wheel, which is placed onto the stump and lowered continuously until the stump has been entirely removed from the site.