Is a Tree Crown Reduction Right For You?

Reducing canopy size stresses the tree because of the cuts required. Unlike a thinning cut, a drop-crotching cut does not cut back to a natural boundary, this means that decay can spread quickly inside cut branches. So needless to say, you need to hire an experienced tree surgeon to carry out this kind of work. We have been performing the most intricate kinds of tree surgery for a number of years, and our crown reduction Suffolk services are regarded by many as the best in the area.

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Providers of the Crown Reductions Suffolk Has to Offer

Crown Reduction is a pretty severe method of pruning trees. It can stress the tree due to the cuts required, unlike a thinning or drop-crotching cut, which doesn’t cut back the natural boundary. The potential hazard of a crown reduction is the spreading of decay inside the cut branches. When tackled by an inexperienced tree surgeon, crown reduction can cause lots of damage. We will pay you a visit to take a close look at your tree, and intensify any other factors in the surrounding area that could influence our decision. If one of our tree surgeons decides that crown reduction is the best course of action, we will get to work as soon as it suits you.

Our methodical, informed approach has made us the provider of crown reductions Suffolk clients know that they can trust.

When a Crown Reduction is Appropriate

While tree crown reduction can be a severe step to take, in a few cases it is the most appropriate one to take. Crown reduction can be used for the following reasons:

  • The need to reduce weight of potential dangerous limbs
  • To create a balance of a lop sided storm damaged tree
  • Making sure trees do not obstruct or damage buildings and property.
  • If the tree is interfering with overhead telephone and power lines.

The right methods of prevention

Over pruning can create decay in the trunk or branches and stimulate rapid epicormic growth that fills in the canopy as it quickly grows to it’s original size. It is sometimes more appropriate to remove the tree altogether and replace with new planting, although Crown reduction can be an answer. Crown reduction is also a preferred method to topping.

If a tree is structurally sound this method shouldn’t be used in storm prevention, and we would favour crown thinning as a preferred route to minimize any potential storm damage that may occur in the future. However, we will always take a close look at your tree to see if this is the most suitable method.

When decay is extensive

Crown reduction could also be considered when the root system of a large maturing tree is dramatically decaying, again rendering it a potential hazard to people and property. Our Suffolk tree surgeons know what to look for, and will be able to quickly identify decay in your tree. They’ll be on hand to answer any questions that you may have too, so you will be kept fully informed throughout the entire process.


What is a tree crown reduction?

A tree crown reduction is defined as the reduction in the height and/or spread of the crown of a tree. This is an all-over reduction, unlike something like a crown lifting. The result should be that the tree retains the main framework of its crown and have a similar outline. The only difference should be the overall reduction in size. A reduction needs to be meticulously planned in order to preserve the health of the tree, and tree surgeons should work in accordance with pre-determined measurements. We have plenty of experience carrying out this kind of tree surgery.

There are a number of reasons why we might decide, after a discussion with you, that a crown reduction is the best option for your tree. The first is that it can reduce the weight of the limbs, making it less likely that they will break. It can also help to re-balance the shape of a tree that may have been left looking uneven after storm damage or poor pruning. A crown reduction can lessen the effect that your tree has on its surroundings as well. It will stop it from obstructing or damaging buildings and property, and can stop it from coming into contact with overhead phone and power lines.

A tree crown reduction may sound simple enough to carry out, but it is actually one of the hardest types of tree surgery to perform successfully. After all, every cut made inflicts a wound on the tree – and the ability of the tree to withstand that wound and continue to grow full and healthy totally depends on the size, angle and position of the pruning cut. Only a trained tree surgeon will be able to judge when and where to make those cuts without damaging the tree. As a crown reduction involves significant pruning of a tree, it should be something that you only ever let a professional handle.

Experienced, Dedicated Tree Surgeons in Suffolk

Crown reduction can be time consuming and requires the expertise of a professional tree surgeon so not to damage the health of the tree. Luckily for you, our tree surgeons have plenty of experience carrying out this kind of work on trees all over Suffolk. We work in accordance with the latest health and safety guidelines, and use the very best equipment when carrying out our work. Not only does this keep us safe – but our care and commitment to correct procedures will ensure that you and your property are protected too. Your tree is in the safest possible hands with us, that’s for sure.

One thing to remember is a tree will always revert back to its normal size. When your tree begins to grow back to its former size, it’s important to call us rather than trying to trim it yourself. We will be able to keep your tree in great condition, trimming and shaping it to promote optimum health – all while keeping it to a manageable height and width.


Anonymous - Customer

Just wanted to say thank you for the work which was carried out of supplying and erecting our fence last Friday, we are very happy with the finished job and very appreciative of the work carried out by the two men.

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Brilliant workers, very knowledgeable and extremely hard working, polite and left the garden spotless. Time keeping excellent & they do not stop! Have booked for more work to be done now and continually throughout the year. Very highly recommended company.

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Your team did a great job with the tree removal and the fence – thanks for the excellent work.

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I want to thank the team for such a fantastic job. They worked hard all day and have left the house transformed. Polite, tidy, great value. I’ll definitely be recommending to my neighbours. So pleased.

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Thank you very much for all of the work from your team with both the tree work and the council application. We do greatly appreciate the work done particularly given the size of the trees and accessibility issues.

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Thank you so much I'm so pleased with the work you have done, can't believe how big our new fence looks already.

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Thank you very much for the work undertaken. I am very pleased with the fence. It is very sturdy and the 2 chaps that carried out the work were very pleasant and professional. They removed all rubbish and left the garden very tidy. Thank you very much.

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I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Charlie and Mario for the fantastic job they did this morning. They were brilliant. I’ll definitely have the lovely Charlie and Mario back at some point to have the eucalyptus tree removed and stump grinded.

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Thank you for carrying out the job so efficiently. I wasn't able to be there, but a neighbour sent some pictures and reported that you were excellent, very skilful with impeccable teamwork!

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All of the guys were really friendly and helpful, and did an excellent job clearing up as well. We are very pleased with the outcome. It has and will continue to make so much difference to us. I understand that my neighbours are similarly impressed.

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Thank you for again an excellent job carried out by your company in the removal of our hedge.

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Very pleased with the workmanship, polite, friendly, co-operative and tidy work - thank you.

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Thank you for the excellent work and the area being left clean and tidy on completion.

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Great work on the trees yesterday. Made such a difference!

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Thank you to the two guys who came out to do the work, they were professional and friendly. The fence looks a lot better now than my attempts at fixing parts myself. Thank you also for leaving it tidy and taking the old bits away too.

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Job well done! Your guys have finished and made a lovely job, thank you.

Anonymous - Customer

Many thanks for the finished job which looks great.

Anonymous - Customer

The tree surgeons have just left and we are thrilled with the results. They were both very professional and respectful and we appreciated their caution at this time. We would certainly recommend Elite to others and were pleased that we found you on Which Trusted Traders.

Peter Rodwell - Customer

Elite carried out both fencing and tree work for us. The fencing work consisted of approximately 50 metres of new fencing and the removal of a 15m high Holly tree along with stump grinding ready for fresh planting during the spring. Really happy with the final result the team were friendly and made sure everything was left tidy afterwards. Work was competitively priced and clearly a professional business.

Nikki Zenonos - Customer

Elite Trees replaced my rear fence for me. They were very efficient and friendly from the quoting stage all the way through to finishing the job. Fence looks great and I would not hesitate in recommending them.

Doreen Fulton- Customer

I had a large conifer cut down yesterday, and am very pleased with the work carried out .It was right up the corner near a fence it was cut down everything taken away and left tidy by three very hard working polite men .So I can highly recommend this service.

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A very professional and friendly service used to remove a very large conifer hedge with all debris removed and the site left very tidy. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending.

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Many thanks for all your guys’ work this morning. All done very well, as usual – despite the foul weather!

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The guys did a great job. Thanks for your help.

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I would like to commend the team that did the work last Tuesday in absolutely ghastly weather, they were so diligent and carried out all the work efficiently and expertly. My wife has written a glowing reference on the local Suffolk business social media. We will definitely use Elite Trees again next time we need some tree work carried out.

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