If my tree has a TPO, is there any work that I’m permitted to carry out?

There are a couple of things here -

1 - if the tree is damaged or diseased, and there is a risk that it may lose limbs that could cause damage, you can seek permission from the LDC Tree officer to carry out works with a 7 days day notice of your intentions. Your request will need to be supported by a Tree surgeons report - we can do this on your behalf.

2 - you can apply for planning permission to carry out work - again, a tree report from a tree surgeon detailing the issues helps, and we can make the application on your behalf. This can take up to 8 weeks, and no work will be permitted until the consent has been granted. The consent is valid for 3 years, so the work can be carried out any time within that period.

Contact your local district councils (LDC) Tree Officer - they will be able to help. Some councils keep a register that you can look at to check for yourself.

You are permitted to remove branches up to your boundary (but not over your boundary into your neighbours property) and of course its a good idea to talk with the neighbour about any work that you plan to do.

Anytime out of the growing season is a good time to re-shape hedges - so October to March Fast growing hedges can be given a trim when the birds have finished nesting to keep them tidy and shaped.

Yes we do! If you call us or email us with the details, we will get in touch and send an estimator to your property, and then provide you with a written quotation for the work.