Tree Inspections & Reports

treeinspectElite can provide a full tree inspect and report service. This is carried out by our qualified skilled tree consultants. Contact us if are in need of this service.

Typical reasons for reports are:

  • Mortgage and insurance claims and reports
  • Tree surveys
  • Tree protection orders
  • Tree risk assessments

At Elite our tree inspections and subsequent written reports are conducted by qualified RFS CertArb tree surgeons. Our specialists have over 17 years experience and can offer a high level of service and expertise including arboricultural advice to commercial businesses, public sector and private individuals. This could include large scale planning applications, providing a detailed assessment of individual trees.

We cover the counties of Essex & Suffolk on a wide range of issues relating to decay, dysfunction, development, planning, subsidence and litigation.

Aerial Inspections

We are fortunate to have some pretty extensive high access equipment which allows us to view the trees from most angles. However, in the case of taller trees we can carry out an aerial inspection, especially where there are cavities and large wounds that cannot be identified. We would generally recommend this further study, if our studies are inconclusive utilising our high access platforms.

Internal Tree Decay

If we suspect internal decay after our initial inspections, or see evidence of organisms which create the decay, we would suggest a further internal examination of the tree to establish the correct decision, remedy or action to be undertaken.

The Elite Experts

The advice our experts provide, accompanied by inspect reports cover a wide range of subjects concerning the management of trees and woodlands. This can be conducted for insurance, engineering, survey or conservation reasons, with clear and detailed issues reported, and further advice and recommendations offered for practical tree management.