Other tree related skills and services are available. The use of bracing may negate the need to for severe pruning of flawed limbs or unions and planting the right tree in the correct location can remove the need for on-going maintenance or pruning.

We can carry out either cable or rod bracing to stabilize a tree, as not to ruin the aesthetics of the tree itself. This can also include the part removal of a damaged branch, which can further reduce the attractiveness of the tree.

Preparing the tree for bracing

First, pruning has to be carried out to remove some of the weight in the branches. This is before bracing can be installed. Cables will be strategically placed to provide any support for the weak limbs, and rods can be inserted in weak fork unions, usually in conjunction with attached cables situated higher in the crown.

We use an array of materials, which are utilized to carry out the bracing work, and where possible non-invasive methods are adopted.

All trees require a thorough survey and risk assessment before any potential bracing work is conducted.