We are duty bound to:

Provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment within the framework of the statutory requirements.

Provide safety training and instruction for all employees as deemed necessary.

Provide and maintain in a good safe working order all machinery, equipment and consumables in order that the employees can carry out the required operations in a safe manner, whereby any risk will be reduced to the minimum.

To ensure that the full relevant protective clothing be supplied and worn at all times during the operation of all machinery and tools.

Provide adequate supervision and information to bring about good standards in systems of work, including safety procedures set down as part of Elite Tree Services (East Anglia) Ltd obligation to meet the demands as specified in both this policy and the risk assessment. This obligation forms the companies code of practice covering the control of hazardous substances (COSHH)

Set and maintain a high standard of behaviour and set a good example.

Ensure the use, handling, transportation and storage of equipment and substances for use at work are safe and the risk has been reduced to a minimum.

Elite Tree Services (East Anglia) Ltd will ensure that whilst carrying out operations at hand that persons that are not in employment of the company, who may be affected by the risks of the undertaking are not exposed to those risks.