Emergency tree surgery work in Ipswich ensures the safety of the general public

A broken and a rather precarious branch on an ancient Oak tree had created a dangerous situation as its positioning was adjacent to a public path. The owner of the land where the tree resided called us in to carry out emergency tree surgery removal of the limb and inspect the tree for any further hazards.

The project

Limb removal and bracing is a common job for our tree surgery team. When new growth appears, it adds extra weight to a tree, and very often this exacerbates the precarious situation of a broken limb. This particular tree was undoubtedly ancient, and its growth extensive. The branch in question was one of the original limbs to extend from the main trunk and must have been many decades old.

The client was very fearful that the limb was about to break completely and present a hazard to the public path adjacent to the tree. In cases like this, we act very quickly. On inspection, our Ipswich tree surgery team that it couldn't wait till the next day, and our team were called to the site to carry out the work. Once we cordoned off the area, our team using rope and harness were able to scale the tree and start the process of removing the limb.

Further inspection found some other suspicious areas where a couple of the main limbs needed bracing to carry the weight of any new growth. Once the dangerous branch was removed our team then started the bracing procedure.

The outcome

Although this project wasn't your typical emergency project where a tree had fallen across a road, it was, however, a project which shouldn't be delayed. The customer couldn't take that risk. We have now made the tree safe for many years to come and agreed with the client bi-annual inspections to ensure the tree continues to be safe for the public when passing by.