Fence dismantling in Ipswich and erecting a new fence in its place

Although our core business is most certainly tree work, we also carry out a great deal of other work for customers around the region. Fencing is certainly a common requirement and always presents a measurable improvement to the environment when a new fence is in place. This project was no exception.

The project

Fence removal and replacement can be quite a messy job. This particular family home in Ipswich had a beautiful well kept and groomed garden but rather spoilt by the old deteriorating fence that bordered the garden.

In order to dismantle the fence and make way for a new fence we unfortunately had to remove various small trees and shrubs, especially the roots. If they had remained, in time they would have damaged the any replacement fence, so this was essential work to protect the longevity of the new fence.

Following removal of the fence, shrubs and small trees we firstly removed all debris from the site to give us clean access to erect the replacement. We installed, new fencing, trellis and gates which complete transformed the garden. The images really don’t do this transformation justice and it looked absolutely superb when completed.

The outcome

The dramatic transformation that new fences provide is always rewarding for our team. You can step and be nothing but impressed by the sight before you. This particular project was an example of that satisfaction and reward that the Elite Trees team get everytime they carry out this type of project. A job well done!