Fencing services in Ipswich, clearing garden and erecting a new fence and shed

Elite Tree Services isn’t just about trees, although it does account for a great deal of our work. We have a full range of services including the supply of and erecting a new fence. This latest project was typical of the work we do in the fencing area.

The project

The client had not long moved into their new property which had a small and very overgrown rear garden. Partially fenced, and what fencing existed was very overgrown with Ivy.

Our job was to completely clear the garden, erect new fencing and a shed. Access was via a shared track but with limited parking, so this meant our team being very organized with debris being moved and new materials being placed on site.

The garden was completely cleared down to ground level and as you can see from the picture we erected a brand new fence, and the base was in ready for the shed to be built.

The owner only wanted to use one company, and because we supply fencing and sheds quite regularly we were able to provide a competitive price for all works allowing the owner to keep the project with one supplier.

The outcome

One of the best things about our work is the contrasting environment after completion. A very untidy worn out garden is now looking fresh and clear ready for the new owners to mould this garden habitat with their own vision, along with a brand new fence which will certainly last the test of time.