Park clearance to create a safe public space and environment in Suffolk

Following the summer period of growth, public spaces are particularly susceptible and at risk where the public is concerned. Overhanging branches may have become weaker or even broken because of the weight of that growth. Sometimes difficult to spot without the eye and expertise from an experienced Tree Surgeon.

The project

It is very common for Elite Trees to be called by concerned individuals about a particular tree which could be a hazard in a well used public space. Public parks in particular, with their abundance of large and well-established trees, are very typical of the aftermath experienced with high volume growth throughout the summer season.

This particular project required an extensive survey where we found many of the park's trees to show signs of risk and a requirement of cutting back in order to be made safe.

This involved our entire team, practically, our whole arsenal of equipment and a few days on-site to make all of the green areas and important public spaces were safe and secure for visitors in the winter months.

The outcome

It’s a busy time for Tree Surgeons. Autumn through to winter is very much spent by our team making areas safe for the public. It is not always known that the owner of that land is wholly responsible for the trees and should something happen, it could potentially make them liable. That is why we provide a service to help landowners to make sure their areas open to the public are safe and secure.