Seckford Almshouses Honey Fungus Infection

The Seckford Almshouses in Woodbridge is certainly a beautiful location, and it has some fabulous grounds.

In the grounds of the Almshouses was a beautiful Oak Tree, but unfortunately it had contracted the deadly Honey Fungus infection which is all too common in the UK. This nasty infection had pretty much destroyed this beautiful old oak, and the only thing required  was to remove it.

After careful consideration of the location with the tree adjacent to the roadside, we started to gradually dismantle the tree, taking off all of the limbs and foliage first, and then gradually cutting the tree down to ground level.

It is a real shame when an ancient tree contracts such an infectious disease, but equally it is important to safeguard people and property.

You can find out more about Honey Fungus and what to look out for by clicking here.