Special Traffic Control required for this job!

In our region we are blessed with some beautiful and ancient trees - many planted well before any Local Council or Highways plans were put in place.

This particular project was a prime example of a very large and rather precarious tree adjacent to a fairly major road, and required some careful planning where traffic control was concerned.

This beautiful Beech Tree had unfortunately contracted a killer fungal disease called Meripilus. The disease causes white rot in Beech Trees.  This bracket fungus, commonly known as the giant polypore or black-staining polypore, is often found in large clumps at the base of trees, although fruiting bodies are sometimes found some distance away from the trunk, parasitizing the roots.

Not a pleasant disease if you are a Beech Tree, and the only solution for this tree was complete removal.

After careful planning including traffic control, we set about the gradual dismantling of the tree.  You can see our progress on the adjacent images -  with one in particular showing how the disease had eaten away at the core of the trunk.