Spotting a potential hazard

Trees are undoubtedly beautiful additions to a residential property, and the Lombardy Poplar is a lovely tree that provides an interesting and attractive backdrop to any garden.

Unfortunately in the case of a recent project, a Lombardy Poplar situated very close to the garage of a new customer was a potential hazard waiting to happen. The customers concern was that the tree was hollow, with Ivy growing up and through it, and it was far too close the garage for comfort.

The client asked us for advice on whether it was a potential risk to his property. After inspection we concluded that the tree should be taken down as a matter of urgency due to its condition. Following contact with the local Tree Officer at the council to confirm whether we had permission to carry out the work, the Tree Officer confirmed the urgency and should be removed immediately. Following the 7 day notice period we carried out the emergency work, with our team on site prepping for a long day's work.

The position and condition of the tree meant great care was required, and something we always find when working n residential areas, is we attract a bit of an audience. Not least the neighbour next door who watched the progress, and very diligently told our client who couldn't be there to watch, that they were very impressed by us and how professional we were. Also more compliments on how tidy the site was left when we had completed the job.

It is always a great loss to lose such a beautiful tree in the garden, but we should compliment the customer on his own observations regarding the condition of the tree. It can be difficult to spot a tree with these kind of inherent problems, and his action in calling in Elite Tree Services might just have saved some considerable damage, especially to the beautifully clad weather boarded garage.