Stump grinding work in Ipswich, grinding multiple tree stumps

The team at Elite trees enjoy working on a beautiful, hot summers day outside. Especially when a regular customer asks them to return to carry out some further tree surgery work.

The project

The trees in the project had previously been removed by our team due to the risk of them splitting and falling into adjacent gardens and onto the cars parked in the cark park. The customer asked us to come back and have a look at the remaining stumps as they were suspicious the roots were causing further damage to the tarmac on the car park.

Following our inspection of the area where the former trees were located, it was noted by our team that the roots of the trees adjacent to the parking spaces were causing substantial damage to the tarmac. Therefore we decided they would need grinding down below ground level before the landscapers could come in and resurface the car park.

Using our Predator 28 Tracked Stump Grinder, we grinded the stumps down to approximately 12 inchs below ground level and spread out the remaining mulch to leave the site tidy ready for the landscaping contractors to come in and start work.

The outcome

Even though we had to take the necessary levels of caution due to the location on these trees being on a slope. The team managed to safely grind down the tree stump to prevent the roots from causing any further damage; allowing the landscapers to come in and resurface the road easily.

  • Bramford Road, Ipswich 1
  • Bramford Road, Ipswich 2