The dusty job of stump grinding in the heart of Ipswich, Suffolk

If you want to know what a Tree Surgeon looks like following a day of stump grinding, you can make that imaginary image in your own mind comparing it to a day in a busy sawmill. It certainly is a dusty job and requires plenty of safety gear to keep the Tree Surgeon safe.

The project

Every now and then we come across a Tree Surgeons nemesis, and that is, of course, a day in the field grinding down tree stumps.

This particular project was an overhang of another Tree Surgeons work, where several trees had been removed from a large domestic garden. We had been called in to do the finishing work,  and that involved the grinding of over a dozen stumps. A rather noise project where you adorn your safety gear, ear muffs, goggles and heavy-duty clothing. Not a job for the faint-hearted, or indeed a hot summers day. 

Following the careful grinding of the numerous tree stumps, our operatives were certainly welcoming the thought of a good hot cup of tea followed by a trip home to the welcoming spray of a hot shower. It’s a tough job, but some time has to do it.

The outcome

Stump grinding requires specialist equipment and we are very lucky at Elite Trees to own some of the best stump grinding equipment money can buy. Without it, a very tough and arduous task would be made that much more difficult.

This project tested our team but they came through it with aplomb thanks to the professionalism, and of course, that great and very effective piece of equipment... the Stump Grinder.