Tree dismantling services in Ipswich, dismantling of an oak tree

Dismantling a tree is a very regular occurrence for the team at Elite trees. This particular project required specialist equipment to fit through the narrow access point we were presented with.

 The project

Unfortunately, this particular trees root had grown to occupy a space up to seven times the width of its crown, which is not uncommon with oak trees. The roots had started to cause substantial damage to adjacent paving and retaining walls on the property.

We dismantled the tree to stump level from rope and harness and made sure to take extra care of the surrounding houses, fences and shed in the clients back garden. The team made a decision that the debris left over had to be cut up into smaller sections so they could then safely carry it through the narrow front access easily.

Using our narrow access track stump grinder, vehicle and chipper we were able to safely dismantle the tree and grind the stump down to ground level so the client could have their paving laid.

The outcome

We had the right equipment to tackle the narrow access space we had and the team took extra care on this particular project due to the surrounding fences and shed, our team management skills came into force, and something that is second nature to us at Elite trees. The outcome was a large, dangerous Oak tree removed and dismantled ready for the new paving to be laid.

  • Bucklesham Road, ipswich
  • Bucklesham Road, ipswich2