Tree dismantling services in Suffolk, dismantling of a chestnut tree

Working adjacent to a busy road with passing pedestrians is a very normal occurrence for Elite trees. This particular project required full road management and the necessary levels of caution because of the location of this Chestnut tree.

 The project

 Our team were asked to view a chestnut tree located adjacent to a main road in Woodbridge. Upon inspection, we found the tree was in a dangerous condition due to extensive decay and hollowing in the main lower trunk and limb structure of the tree.

As most trees get older they can start to internally decay, unfortunately this was the case for this particular tree. We advised that the tree should be removed because of its public location next to a busy road and bus stop and the potential hazards it could cause

Using a vehicle access mounted platform we sectionally dismantled the tree to ground level as it was not in a safe condition to climb and then finished the job by grinding down the remaining stump using a stump grinder. We then disposed of the debris using a truck and wood chipper. Effective road management made the project efficient.

The outcome

 Although we had good access to the site, managing it properly with the bus stop, pedestrians appearing regularly and the busy road, our road and environment management processes came into force, and something second nature to us at Elite Trees. The outcome was a safe and risk free area for both the public and road users.

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