Tree dismantling services in Woodbridge, dismantling of a Birch tree

The Elite trees team enjoys a
simple dismantling job on a beautiful sunny day near Rendlesham Forest in Boyton. This particular project required a necessary level of caution due to the condition of this Birch tree.

 The project

 The twin stemmed birch tree was dangerously close to splitting and falling which in turn could cause damage to the owners surrounding property, if the tree continued to expand with further growth. Sadly, the owners had to make a decision to remove this beautiful Birch tree.

Splitting and falling can be a common occurrence with twin stemmed Birch trees if there is a weak union where the two stems meet. Unfortunately, due to the two stems meeting so close to the base of this particular tree, there was a weak union and created a big risk of splitting.

Using our vehicle mounted access platform we were able to safely dismantle the birch tree down to stump level. Effective management of the narrow access space we were faced with made this project efficient.

The outcome

 It’s always sad to have to remove a perfectly good tree but unfortunately the potential further damage from the tree splitting and falling could have been damaging to the buildings surrounding it. This made the decision to remove it easier for both the owner and us and the area is now safe to be in with no risk to any of the surrounding buildings.

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