Tree pruning services in Ipswich, trimming and pruning of tall trees in a local car park

Working in a car park is a regular occurrence for the team Elite trees due to the rural location of Suffolk and Essex. This particular project required full car park management and the necessary levels of caution due to the challenging location of these trees.

 The project

 Many different types of trees need regular pruning from anywhere from every year to every 3 years. These particular trees hadn’t been pruned in a while and were overgrown, causing issues for adjacent buildings and the car park area.

The trees were encroaching on the surrounding buildings and car park; this caused the potential risk of falling branches if the tree is not maintained on a regular basis. Due to the location of this project, the team had enforce full management of the car park by making sure the area was clear of cars to provide a safe and hazard free working space.

Using our specialist access platform, vehicle and chipper we were able to safely prune the back of the tree branches to give clearance to buildings and over the car park areas. Effective management of the car park made this project efficient and safe.

The outcome

 Although working in car parks can be challenging and takes a lot of preparation before the work is carried out, our team managed to successfully and safely manage the area and in turn the outcome was smart, well pruned trees ready for another year of growth.

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  • Stoke-Park-Drive,-Ipswich