Tree Surgeon work in Felixstowe, reduction of a large roadside Oak tree

Working on the side of a road is a normal occurrence for Elite trees, especially in the spring months. This particular project required full road management and the necessary levels of caution because of the location on this Oak tree.

 The project

Oak trees are known for growing to a large, substantial size meaning more often than not, they need regular maintenance and pruning. In this particular project the tree was causing heavy shading to adjacent houses and gardens because of how wide it had grown.

The proximity of the Oak tree meant that it would need ongoing management so they don’t become overbearing with their close proximity to the surrounding properties. After inspection we decided a 30% reduction and reshape of the crown was required at this stage, and possible in the few years, further reduction would be required to manage their size effectively.

Using our vehicle mounted access platform, vehicle and chipper we were able to safely remove and shape an effective amount of the crown on this Oak tree. Effective road management made this project efficient.

The outcome

Although we had good access to the site, managing it properly with properties, oncoming traffic, our road and environment management processes came into force, something second nature to us at Elite Trees. Also, extended care had to be taken to allow dropping of debris whilst traffic was stopped. The outcome was an attractive Oak tree, ready for spring growth.

  • Kirton, Oak Tree Reduction LANDSCAPE
  • Kirton, Oak Tree Reduction 2
  • Kirton, Oak Tree Reduction 3
  • Kirton, Oak Tree Reduction