Tree Surgeon work in Kesgrave, formative pruning of a young Robinia tree

It’s always nice for the team to work on a tree, which has such importance to its owners. Especially when there are no difficulties with the site.

 The project

 Although the tree was very young, it had thrived in its open garden environment and as a result the crown of the tree had grown had become slightly unbalanced, potentially putting this meaningful tree at risk of splitting and falling.

The best time to carry out formative pruning of a young deciduous tree is after they have lost all of their leaves in winter. This allows the expert an easier chance to see the branch structure, meaning that the pruning carried out will maintain an even shape and form throughout.

This particular tree was planted in memory of the owner’s son who was tragically killed in a road traffic accident on his way home from school. It required formative pruning to help retrieve its shape and form back and will need possible ongoing yearly pruning to maintain its structure.

The outcome

On this project we had good access to the site and wide-open garden to work in. We didn’t require any specialist equipment to prune this young tree but we did have to make sure we withstood the necessary levels of caution for other objects in the garden and the tree itself. The outcome was a very attractive, neat and tidy Robinia tree, all pruned and ready for Spring.

  • Kesgrave main picture
  • Kesgrave After
  • Kesgrave Before