Tree Surgeon work on a development site in Colchester, removing large dead oak branches

Working on removing dead branches is a very regular occurrence for Elite trees. However, this particular project required careful a necessary level of caution because of the challenging location of this Oak woodland.

The project

This project was situated in a large housing development site in Colchester, part of which was old Oak Woodland and Oak tree lines between the fields. Oak trees have a tendency when they get older to wither due to poor growing conditions and as a result of this, the branches can die.

On this particular project the Oaks were mature and had large dead branches, which in turn posed a risk of deadwood falling onto the newly built houses. Our job was to scale the edge of the woodland and the field edge trees and remove any larger dead branches that could be of risk.

We faced the challenge of muddy tracks and were unable to get our vehicles into the entrance, so we used our RQG18 tracked access platform safely remove the large dead branches from the Oak trees. This was followed by recycling the debris using a tracked wood chipper and spreading it on the woodland floor.

The outcome

 Although we faced some challenges on this project, our team at Elite trees used their initiative and key management skills to overcome these challenges. In turn the outcome was a safe development site for workers and also for the public once the housing is completed.