Tree Surgery and dismantling services in Woodbridge, dismantling a large, multi stemmed Conifer tree

It wouldn’t be an every day project for Elite trees without some type of management skills coming into play. This particular project required a high level of caution due to the condition of the tree and the heavy weather conditions on the site.

The project

 The team at Elite trees were called out to school site, which contained a very large and dangerous multi stemmed Conifer Tree, which had split in the recent high winds. The client had noticed that the tree had split down the centre and the split was opening and closing in the high winds, therefore it was in a dangerous condition.

The particular tree had grown very large and tall, which isn’t unusual for a Conifer tree. After inspection of the tree, we came to an unfortunate decision that it needed to be removed as soon as possible because of the dangerous condition the tree was in.

Due to very soft ground conditions around the tree we could not access equipment so the tree had to be felled out in three large sections and we neatly stacked the debris on site for removal at a later date.

The outcome

Even though we faced many challenges including poor access, high winds and the dangerous condition of the tree, our site management processes came into force and something second nature to us at Elite Trees. The outcome was a safe school site for the pupils and teachers to operate in.

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