Tree Surgery and Fencing services in Felixstowe, removal of hedging and fencing

We have a wide range of services at Elite trees and in this instance there were multiple services utilized to get the desired outcome. This particular project required full public footpath management due to its public location.

 The project

 The client for this project received a letter from Highway control asking him to prune his hedging back, off the public footpath. On inspection, the pruning had created large gaps in the hedge and allowed people too see into his garden. Unfortunately, most hedges suffer from bare patches appearing when they are reduced or cut back, but these patches can be covered by re-growth over time.

Amongst our tree services, Elite trees also offer many others including fencing, this meant we were able to completely remove his hedging and dispose of the wood safely using a Lorry and chipper.

Using a Stump grinder we were able to grind down the stumps in the ground and supply him with brand new fencing with concrete posts. This provided the client with the necessary security and privacy he wanted for his garden.

The outcome

 Even though we faced the obstacle of working adjacent to a public footpath and roadway, our safety and road management skills came into full force and we were able to achieve a safe and manageable working area for both the public and our team. The outcome was a secure, strong fence that allowed the client the privacy they desired.

  • Felixstowe-Suffolk-Fencing-After
  • Felixstowe-Suffolk-Fencing-Before