Tree Surgery Ipswich, Lime tree reduction and removal of dead branches

Reduction of a tree is carried out to help maintain its structure and form, whilst not shadowing its surrounding objects and is second nature to the team at Elite trees. This project required full road management due to the location of these particular trees.

The project

 Unfortunately, these particular lime trees had some dead branches that were in danger of splitting and falling from the trunk of the tree. The client became concerned that this might damage cars parked in the adjacent car park or driving on the road.

Upon inspection, the team decided that the dead branches needed to be removed to prevent them from causing danger to cars parked in the adjacent car park. Due to the location of these trees, the team had to work on both the grass areas of the site and the public road with full road signage in place.

Using a Wumag access platform we successfully removed the dead branches from the Lime tree. The access platform allowed us to do this safely whilst making sure the site stayed maintained and clear from any debris. Effective road management made this project efficient.

The outcome

Although the team had to take the necessary levels of caution because of the adjacent road and car park, we managed to remove the dead branches and the outcome was a row of mature lime trees ready for summer growth.