Tree Surgery services in Colchester, dismantling of an Oak tree

The team at Elite trees always enjoy working in the beautiful Essex countryside on a sunny day. This particular project required specialist equipment due to the size of the tree.

The project

The tree was located on the ditch bank at the edge of woodland in Essex. Unfortunately, this healthy Oak tree was weighted into the adjacent field where it had grown towards the light and had uprooted out of the soft bank; if other trees restrict a tree then it will naturally grow towards the sunlight.

Upon inspection, our team decided that the tree should be removed and dismantled because it caused disturbance to the crops on the adjacent field. The tree was cleared with the branches being chipped and spread back into the woodland. We stacked the smaller timber into habitat piles, whilst safely removing the larger timber from the site.

Using our specialised lifting equipment (to load large timber) we were able to safely dismantle the tree and carry out this project without disturbing any of the surrounding fields.

The outcome

Although the site had difficult access and a rough terrain, our safety and environment management skills came unto force and we achieved a safe working area for both our team and the surrounding countryside. The outcome was the fallen Oak tree removed and the site left clean and tidy.