Tree Surgery services in Ipswich, crown reduction and lifting

The team at Elite trees enjoy working on a beautiful sunny day in the heart of Suffolk. This particular project required road management due to the location of this little tree.

The project

Our client contacted us earlier this month in regards to a young tree located in their front garden; they were slightly concerned that the tree was getting too large for its location. This particular tree was situated next to a road and needed regular maintenance to make sure it didn’t overshadow the adjacent road and houses.

Upon inspection, the team decided that the tree needed a sensitive crown reduction and lifting to stop it from over powering its location. Most types of trees require regular maintenance to make sure they don’t outgrow their location or cause issues to adjacent houses or roads.

Using a rope and harness, we managed to safely carry out a light and sensitive crown reduction and lifting. The use of full road management made this project efficient.

The outcome

Although the team had to apply full road management to the site, this id something that comes as second nature to us at Elite trees. The outcome was a clean and tidy tree, trimmed back and ready for summer growth.