Tree surgery services in Ipswich, dismantling of a Maple tree

Dismantling a tree is regular for the team at Elite Trees and although we look to avoid complete removal, it is something we had to do given the circumstances and situation of this particular Maple Tree. This project required a high level of caution due to its close surroundings.

The project

A maple tree is considered as a large tree and can grow to 50 feet wide. This particular Maple tree was causing issues for the adjacent trees on this site by taking up the room that they needed to grow and flourish. Our Ipswich tree surgery team made the decision that the tree needed to me removed so that the area can be used for the growth of surrounding trees and shrubs.

On inspection we decided that it would be better to dismantle the tree in sections because of its close proximity to its surroundings and the risk of causing damage to the adjacent trees and shrubs. We removed each branch separately before removing the crown of the tree and the trunk down to stump level.

Using our rope and harness with rigging equipment we were able to successfully dismantle the tree into sectionals and down to stump level. A necessary level of caution and sit management made this project efficient.

The outcome

Although we were faced with the difficulty of an overcrowded site, the team managed to safely remove the maple tree by taking extra care of their surroundings by avoiding using any large equipment near the surrounding trees and shrubs. The outcome was a large maple tree removed and the area clear for the other trees to flourish in the summer weather.