Tree Surgery services in Ipswich, dismantling of an Ash tree

Working on dismantling a tree is a very regular occurrence for the team at Elite Trees. However, this particular project required full road management due to the challenging location of this Ash tree. 

The project

Unfortunately, this ivy covered Ash tree had started to decline as indicated by the foliage over the entire tree starting to look thinner. This is a common occurrence for a tree that is starting to decline and should be removed or dismantled to stop the tree from splitting and causing danger to its surroundings.

We dismantled the tree down to stump level making sure we took the necessary precautionsof the surrounding houses and the road adjacent. The debris was then chipped and ready to use for mulching in the flowerbeds and the timber used as firewood by the client.

Using our access platform, lorry and chipper we were able to safely dismantle the tree down to stump level so it didn’t cause any further danger to the surrounding houses.

The outcome

We had the right equipment to tackle dismantling the tree and even though we faced the difficulty of the adjacent road, the team at Elite trees used their road management skills and the outcome was a declining Ash tree removed and dismantled from causing any damage to neighbouring houses.