Tree Surgery services in Ipswich, reduction of mature Conifer trees

The team at Elite trees are always up for a challenge if one arises. This particular site had an interesting history of problems, which were no match for our skilled team.

The project  

We recently visited a site that had a row of mature conifer trees with an interesting history of minor branch failures, this has caused them issues in the past and the client was concerned that these issues would continue to happen in the future if something wasn’t done.

Upon inspection, the trees were found to be multi stemmed with weak lower unions. The unions were tight with included bark and signs of water ingress. Some of the forks were very weak with the potential of failure. This then happened (shown in the pictures) resulting in the tree having to be dismantled.

The outcome 

We recommended to the client that all of the remaining conifer trees need to be reduced to lessen the strain on the unions and stop the forks from failing due to them being so weak.