Tree Surgery services in Ipswich, removal of dangerous Poplar trees

We were requested to inspect 2 large poplar trees in a private garden. The trees were approximately 26m high and the trunk diameter at the base 1.2m wide.  Upon inspection it was found that there was severe decay and hollowing in the lower main trunks and both trees were at risk of falling. 

The project

Emergency works were arranged to remove both trees which were located adjacent a main road junction and river.

The trees were carefully dismantled in sections using an access platform. We need the platform as they were not safe to climb and required our Unimog with crane to deal with the large sections of timber.

As the location was rather precarious, we had to set up and work from the public highway installing full road signage and road management.

The work was completed over a period of 4 days. First we removed the smaller branch ends and timber by hand using the Wumag access platform, with a continuous flow of chipping and removing debris from site.

The larger sections of timber were craned straight from the tree onto our Unimog trailer with the owner keeping some of the smaller log-cutting’s as firewood. The woodchip went to a local fishing lake to be recycled as path dressing..

The outcome

The removal of these trees was certainly a mammoth task with huge sections of trunk and a great deal of wood-chippings and debris to remove from the site. With the lack of access and the precarious location, we adopted a very safe process using our range of extensive equipment. A big project but now an environment has been created which is safe and free of danger.