Tree Surgery services in Sproughton near Ipswich, dismantling of a pine tree

The team at Elite trees are lucky to work in some beautiful woodland that the Suffolk countryside has to offer especially when they are faced with no site difficulties for this particular project.

The project

This particular woodland is located in Sproughton, Ipswich; it is filled with some lovely mature trees, which includes some very old Cedar trees. However, there was a dead leaning pine tree located in the middle of the woods, which could have been dangerous for the cars or pedestrians using the path if one of the branches had fallen.

We dismantled the tree down to stump level making sure we took precaution around the surrounding trees. The team then spread the woodchip as mulch and stacked the left over timber into habitat piles to be used by the woodland wildlife. The Elite trees team also removed some of the dead branches from the other Cedar trees in the woodland.

Using our access platform we were able to safely dismantle the tree down to stump level before it became a danger to passing pedestrians. We disposed of the debris in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The outcome

Although we had no site difficulties, the team still had to make sure they were cautious of the surrounding wildlife whilst dismantling the Pine tree. The outcome was a leaning dead Pine tree dismantled and the area neat and tidy.