Tree Surgery services in Stowmarket, reducing the size of Lombard Poplar Trees

The Lombard Poplar Tree has a naturally brittle timber and prone to decay and wind damage. The form and unions of the two large trees we were commissioned to work on were potentially weak, and although they had been reduced before to manage their size in relation to the surroundings, they required further reduction to maintain the safety of the local environment.

The project

As there was no access via the private garden we had to use the adjacent grass playing field grounds. The ground was very wet and soft, so this required the placement of ground boards to prevent marking and our vehicles from getting stuck.

We utilized the Wumag 7.5t vehicle mounted access platform as this provided the safest method of given the conditions, and species type and condition. It also allowed us greater access, as the Lombard Poplar is particularly difficult to shape due to its upright form. The end result tends not to be pretty but the crowns will regrow and shape themselves, and most importantly the trees are now safe for people and infrastructure located close by.

The outcome

The images demonstrate a much tidier and safer outcome. Less viewing restrictions for the home owners and now the two trees will flourish and shape with new growth.