Tree Surgery services in Woodbridge, reducing the height of overgrown Conifer Trees

At Elite Tree Services we come across an extremely wide variety of tree surgery work. One of the most common pieces of work involves Conifer Trees.

The project
The client in Woodbridge, Suffolk owned some rather beautiful but heavily overgrown Conifers. The trees were not only intruding on light and space in the owners garden, they were also heavily overhanging a neighbouring property.

Our task was to take 50% of the height off of the Conifer Trees and reduce the weight around the circumference with hedge trimmers. In normal circumstances this would have been relatively easy to deal with. However, a severe lack of working space with the trees being very close to the house, and this needed permission from a friendly and obliging neighbour as much of our work was conducted from their garden rather than the owners.

Conifers are extremely dense in foliage and this can make harnessing using safety ropes an intricate process but we were able to make good time and reduce the height of the Conifer Trees by the desired 50%.

The outcome
As you can see from the image, the client now has a much-improved tree line but still maintains a high degree of privacy from the neighbouring property.

Conifer trees do grow very quickly, so it is worth looking at plan of regular trimming in order to reduce the work involved. Conifers look great when they are neat and tidy, although they do get a bit of bad press sometimes. However, they are an attractive addition to any garden.