Tree Surgery services in Woodbridge, reduction and shaping of a Yew tree

The team at Elite trees always enjoy working around the many beautiful churches that Suffolk has to offer. This particular project required specialist equipment and precaution had to be taken due to the location of this particular Yew tree.

The project

Due to its evergreen heritage, the Yew tree will grow and leaf all year long meaning it requires regular yearly maintenance to keep it well proportioned. The size of this Yew tree in particular had become slightly overgrown for its home in the churchyard and potentially started to dominate the other yew trees surrounding the church grounds.

After inspection, our team decided that a slight reduction and shaping would help to proportionate this tree to a manageable size, with possible need for a further reduction and shaping in the coming years. Access could have proved a problem to this project because of the surrounding fencing and headstones, luckily we had plenty of room in the small car park to operate and use our equipment efficiently

Using our Vehicle mounted access platform and lorry with a towed wood chipper we were able to safely carry out this project without disturbing any of the other church grounds.

The outcome 

Although there were obstacles within the grounds of the church, our safety and environment management skills came into force and we achieved a safe working area for both our team and the church grounds. The outcome was a neat and tidy Yew tree all shaped and ready for another year of growth.