Tree Surgery services in Woodbridge, trimming of a large Conifer hedge

This type of project is a regular occurrence for the team at Elite trees towards the summer months. This project required a necessary level of caution due to the adjacent fences and buildings.

The project

Conifer hedges require yearly maintenance carried out in the spring or summer months because of its vast growth throughout the year. However, a conifer tree shouldn’t be trimmed whilst the weather is too hot or too dry as this can lead to decline and a lower chance of regrowth.

This particular hedge was due for its yearly appointment because it had become to over powering for the area it is located in. We trimmed the Conifer tree back to make sure that it didn’t outgrow the area it is located in, making sure we took precaution of the surrounding fencing and houses. The team then safely disposed of the debris left on the site.

Using an access platform and long handled hedge trimmers the team managed to successfully trim the Conifer hedge and dispose of the debris so the area remained clear and tidy.

The outcome

Even though the area surrounding the hedge had long grass and obstacles adjacent, the team used their site management skills to successfully trim back the conifer hedge. The outcome was a neat and tidy Conifer hedge, trimmed and ready for another year of growth.