Tree Surgery work in Ipswich, crown reduction on a large Oak tree

The team always enjoy working in the Suffolk countryside on a beautiful summers day. This project required full road management due to the location of this large Oak tree.

The project

Unfortunately, this large mature Oak tree had some substantial deadwood on its crown that were in danger of falling from the crown of the tree. The client became concerned that this might damage cars driving on the road or passing pedestrians.

Upon inspection, the team decided that the deadwood needed to be removed to prevent it from being an issue of public safety. Due to the location of these trees, the team had to work on the public road with full road management and signage in place to complete the work as easily as possible.

Using a Wumag access platform we successfully removed the deadwood from the crown of the Oak tree. The access platform allowed us to do this safely whilst making sure the site stayed maintained and clear from any debris. Effective road management made this project efficient.

The outcome

Although the team had to take the necessary levels of caution because of the adjacent road, we managed to remove the deadwood from the crown of the tree and the outcome was a large mature Oak tree ready for summer growth.