Tree surgery work in Woodbridge church grounds

Working within church grounds can certainly be a difficult process for our team. Manoeuvring around tight areas with limited access and making sure we don’t damage the environment requires specialist access machinery. Our Basket RQG 18 is a narrow tracked access platform and perfect for tight access in delicate locations.

The project

The client had quite a bit of work for us to do in order to make sure the church grounds were kept tidy for visitors.

Our work was to firstly clear the church gutters from debris, and then to reduce Holly and Yew trees in the vicinity. That might sound easy but of course like any church grounds you have delegate grave areas, small paths and in this case we needed to be careful as part of the work was to clear the overgrown foliage that was interfering with street lamps.

The narrow tracked access platform gave us the unique position of having the right equipment for the job. Something rare in this part of the world, but a piece of equipment that truly defines its existence in these tight and somewhat undulating environments.

The completion of the project was to remove all debris from site.

The outcome

We like this kind of work and working alongside such beautiful buildings as churches has its own reward. The work on this project was no exception and fabulous to see such beautiful and tidy grounds returned to full glory.

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