Tree Trimming services in Ipswich, trimming of small trees and hedges

Our team at Elite Trees always enjoy visiting regular customers for yearly maintenance in their gardens. This particular project comes as second nature to the team and they faced no difficulties when attending the site.

The project

Shrubs and small trees require yearly maintenance due to their fast growth in the spring season. This project involved small trees, shrubs and hedges that were due for their yearly trim, a service that our team has been providing to this regular customer for over ten years.

As the buds multiply on a shrub it can get so thick that the sunlight can’t penetrate it, which could prevent interior growth, and in turn, the shrub can look lifeless inside. The trees, shrubs and hedges in this customers garden had out grown their space in the garden and the owners make the decision to trim them down every year so they don’t over shadow or disturb neighbouring properties.

Using our hedge trimmers, hand saw and secateurs we were able to safely carry out this project without disturbing any neighbouring properties or gardens.

The outcome

Although tree trimming is a regular occurrence for the team at Elite trees, they still had to be cautious of surrounding gardens and fences. The outcome was neat and tidy bushes and trees ready for another year of growth.



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