Woodbridge car park, gradually being consumed by large Conifer trees

Conifers are beautiful trees, but can also be quite intrusive. They are fast-growing upwards and certainly outwards. As they grow, they invade the area around them. This can be detrimental to the local environment, especially when they invade regularly used car parking facilities.

The project

Our client was having some real issues with a row of large Conifer trees that ran alongside the boundary of their car park. They had actually encroached into the car park by approximately 4 metres, which really demonstrates how quickly and widely Conifers can grow.

The only option was to cut back the car park side of the trees. We took the trees back to the main upright stems, removing all of the greenery from car park side of the trees.

This was a rather strategic operation. We took the view to trim the trees leaving the top of them green. This was the only option to provide the clearance required without losing the cover the trees provide. Extensive work like this, of course, couldn’t be carried out while the car park was in use, so all works were done over the weekend whilst not in use.

The outcome

With conifers, we are normally cutting back to create neat and sometimes architectural shapes to enhance the area. On this occasion, our careful cut back was to protect the local environment and open up space around them. Not unusual, but sometimes a testing project.

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