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The Tree Services Ipswich Clients Love

We are a friendly, family run company specialising in all areas of tree surgery. So if you are looking for the very best tree surgeon Ipswich has to offer, then you have come to just the right place. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience in the field, and are on hand to offer advice and help in any way that we can.

Read on to find out more about the tree services Ipswich clients love to recommend.

Tree Surgery Ipswich

We provide a wide range of services, including:

Tree pruning

Regular pruning is beneficial for trees, as it makes their branches much stronger. This is in turn promotes new growth, leading to fuller and healthier trees. We have a large number of returning clients who always call upon us to give their trees an annual prune.

Tree felling & sectional dismantling

We specialise in both straight tree felling and sectional dismantling. Sectional dismantling involves us removing one section of your tree at a time, starting at the top. This is the best option if there is any risk to surrounding people or buildings. If it’s safe to fell a tree all at once, we are able to do that. We will always carefully assess the situation to make sure that the right method is chosen.

Pollarding & coppicing

Pollarding is a traditional method of tree care in which the majority of the crown of the tree is removed in order to form a good structure for new growth. Coppicing employs the same principle, but instead the tree is trimmed down to ground level. Whether we opt for pollarding or coppicing totally depends on what kind of tree we are working with, and we will be sure to use the most suitable method for your tree.

Crown reductions, shaping & balancing

Crown reductions can be quite tricky to perform properly, and that’s why you should only ever trust a reputable tree surgeon in Ipswich Suffolk with the job. We have years of experience in crown thinning and reduction, and will be able to expertly balance your tree so that it remains healthy and intact. We’ll carefully examine your tree first to see if a crown reduction is the most suitable method of tree surgery.

Crown lifting & thinning

Tree crown lifting is where we remove the lower branches of a tree. This lifts the height of the base of the crown, giving you a greater area of clearance below. It can greatly improve the appearance of a tree. If we are thinning the crown of a tree, we’ll carefully remove some of the outer crown in order to get an even density of foliage and a much fuller, healthier looking tree.

Stump grinding & removal

Tree stumps can look unsightly and interfere with projects such as the construction of a new building or wall. If you have a stump that you need to get rid of, allow us to to help. The most efficient way of removing a tree stump is with a stump grinder, which breaks down the stump and destroys the roots. We have a number of stump grinders at our disposal, so we can easily deal with tree stumps of all sizes in Ipswich.

Tree inspections & reports

We are on hand to provide comprehensive tree inspections and reports for our clients in Ipswich. These reports will include the information needed for mortgages, insurance claims, tree surveys, tree protection order, or tree risk assessments. They are carried out by qualified tree consultants.

Tree limb bracing systems

In instances where additional support is needed, we can install supplementary structural supports to protect your tree. We use a wide array of materials to carry out the bracing work and we use non-invasive methods wherever possible. A full survey and risk assessment will always be carried out beforehand.

We’re Here to Help

Whatever reason you have for getting in touch with us, we’ll work with you to determine the best possible course of action for your tree. Our expertise has made us the providers of tree surgery Ipswich clients know that they can trust. We also provide site clearance services, and will chip and remove all debris.

Tree Surgeon Ipswich Suffolk

It’s always better to leave tree surgery to the professionals. We use the latest tree surgery techniques and we have invested in the very best equipment. This allows us to carry out our work quickly and efficiently, and cause as little possible disruption to you, your property and your tree(s). We will always consider your requirements and budget, so that we can deliver a service that is great value for money.

Want to find out more about our services in Ipswich? Then please contact us on 01473 635193 today. We can’t wait to hear from you!