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Why Choose Elite Trees?

We are Elite Trees, and over the years we have developed a reputation as the one of the best tree surgeons Westerfield has to offer. Working with both commercial and domestic customers, we can tailor our services to meet a really wide range of needs. Thanks to our commitment to great customer service and our fantastic level of attention to detail, ours have become the tree services Westerfield property owners trust.

Our Tree Surgery Services

Our tree surgeons specialise in many different kinds of tree surgery, and offer a large variety of services in Westerfield. Currently, customers can take advantage of our expertise in the following fields:

Tree pruning – if the regrowth on your tree is thin and lacklustre, then pruning could be what you need. Professional pruning encourages stronger, healthier regrowth year on year when carried out regularly.

Tree felling & sectional dismantling – if a tree is too close to something like buildings or power lines, we will cut it down in sections to ensure the integrity of the surroundings. If it is safe to fell it in one motion, we can do that too.

Crown reductions, shaping & balancing – crown reductions are one of the hardest types of tree surgery to carry out successfully, and should always be left to a professional. Fortunately, we have plenty of experience in the field.

Crown lifting & thinning – if your trees low-hanging branches are causing issues, we can lift the crown to give you a greater area of clearance beneath them. We can also carry out crown thinning, performing this when needed to keep a tree looking in proportion.

Pollarding & coppicing – pollarding is when the crown of the tree is removed, and coppicing is when it is cut right the way down to ground level. They are two of the oldest kinds of tree surgery, and ones that we are proud to specialise in.

Stump grinding & removal – if you want to get rid of a tree stump in your garden, we are here to help. We have a wide range of stump grinders ready to be put into action, and will quickly pick the right one for the job.

Tree inspections & reports – do you need information regarding a tree for a mortgage application, insurance claim, land survey, tree protection order, or tree risk assessment? Then a tree inspection followed by a full report will tell you everything you need to know.

Tree limb bracing systems – using non-invasive methods where possible, we aim to preserve the tree for as long as possible, keeping it upright and preserving its unique character.

The Tree Service Westerfield Property Owners Recommend

When it comes to tree surgery in Westerfield, we don’t believe that anyone should be priced out. That’s why we have kept our rates at some of the most competitive levels in the area, even when some of our competitors have raised theirs. However, that doesn’t mean that we cut corners when carrying out our work. We are really proud of the high standards we have maintained over the years, and we work in full accordance with current safety regulations.

Get in Touch with Elite Trees Today

If you want to find out more about us and the services we provide in Westerfield, please get in touch today. You can give us a call on 01473 635193 today, and one of our friendly advisors will answer any questions that you have – and then arrange a visit to your property as soon as possible.