A top tipper and chipper investment from the teams skipper

by fse-admin - / 09.12.2019

With the demands of tree surgery, having the right kind of specialist equipment is important for the profession. It enables Tree Surgeons to carry out work efficiency with absolute safety for the skilled tree surgery team and the public. Elite Trees based in Ipswich owns probably the largest and most versatile variety of Access Platforms in the region, which allows their team to work in the most difficult and challenging of situations. Exceptional pieces of kit like this provide invaluable support notwithstanding the positive impact on safety when working at height.

Now for practicality

Practicality and need has influenced the need to upgrade or improve the Elite fleet just recently.  Paul Thomas the companies Managing Director explains further; “As we have been so busy lately, we took a considered decision to purchase a new Izuzu 3.5T Tipper Truck and Forst ST8 8″ Wood Chipper. A big investment, but absolutely necessary with the growing workload meaning we needed to invest wisely for the future. This investment ensures we can expand our operations and provide excellent efficiency and support for the work we do in the region. We are also very conscious of the environment. Something all Tree Surgeons are extremely respectful of. The new Tipper Truck is far more fuel-efficient with low emissions compared to our older vehicles. This was an absolute must for us when choosing the new acquisitions. We need the investment into new equipment to cater for our workload moving forward,  but we also wanted to reduce our own carbon footprint and impact on the environment. These two pieces of kit will do both perfectly.”

A flexible and versatile addition.

The other major benefit of the 3.5T Tipper Truck is its size. An excellent acquisition for smaller jobs with its compact size, allowing the team to access private drives and tight spaces. The only downside and it is relatively small is the payload of the truck. It may mean making more than one trip when removing a large amount of debris. However, this is a small price to pay for the versatility and environmental strengths of this new vehicle.

As typical with later vehicles, the enclosed body of the truck means debris can be chipped without it flying everywhere. This reduces cleanup time and risk to any passing cars and pedestrians. Although compact in size, the vehicle has sone very clever storage facilities for tools, road signs and cones.

The efficient chipper

The other addition is, of course, the aforementioned wood chipper. The Forst ST8 Wood Chipper is a very powerful and efficient machine able to cope with timber up to 8″ in diameter. The debris can be quickly chipped and recycled for other uses. So a great asset to the company and the environment.

What will the tipper and chipper be used for in the future

These two fabulous fleet acquisitions will be used on a daily basis. They will be utilized for tree work, site clearance and fencing. Tree work will involve tree pruning, crown reductions, tree removal, stump grinding, hedge and shrub trimming.