Case Study: The removal of a dangerous Ash Tree at a property

by fse-admin - / 29.07.2021

Here at Elite Trees, we are happy to take on the jobs that our clients just cannot manage themselves – whether that is because they do not have the time, or they do not have the skill and equipment to carry out a job safely. When it came to this Ash tree in Ipswich, it was very much a case of the latter.

The Challenge

When an Ipswich resident got in touch with us to say that they needed us to take a look at an Ash tree that they thought was posing a risk, we made our way there without delay. We are based in the area, so we were able to stop by at a time that was totally convenient for the client. When we arrived, we were confronted with the sight of an Ash tree which had dropped a branch through the roof of a neighbouring building. The tree was located between a public footpath and a private driveway, making its position even more dangerous to passers-by.

Our first course of action was to check on the health of the tree. Our tree surgeons are very experienced when it comes to identifying any of the diseases that can affect trees all over the UK. After a thorough inspection, it was found to be diseased with structural defects. The disease in question was Inonotus. Our diagnosis? The tree was best off being felled without delay.

The Solution

Due to the tree’s precarious position, felling it would be a complex operation. We decided to proceed with sectional dismantling, which would allow us to remove the trees in manageable sections. This is the option we always go for if a tree does not have an area of safe clearance around it. In this case, the tree was very close to the aforementioned building and footpaths.

The tree was sectionally dismantled using an access platform to maintain safety. We started from the top and removed the tree in sections. We have a range of professional grade equipment at our disposal, and we carried out this sectional dismantling with a Wumag WT260. Thanks to this and our years of experience in the field, we were able to fell this dangerous tree in no time at all.

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