Elite Trees + TreeSurv = Peace of mind for parish councils and landowners

by fse-admin - / 16.11.2015

Elite Trees + TreeSurv = Peace of mind for parish councils and landowners

The list of roles and responsibilities for the upkeep of public spaces for parish councils is well, long.  Part of the role of the parish council is to provide (as well as maintain) recreation grounds, public walkways, pleasure grounds, open spaces, village greens, playing fields, burial grounds, cemeteries, churchyards and crematoria. Together with responsibility for community and conference centres, halls and public buildings which, more often than not, include trees of varying sizes and age, maintenance and upkeep is imperative and an ongoing job to ensure that the public are not put at unnecessary risk due to unmanaged tree stocks, particularly in high traffic areas and public spaces.

Unfortunately, with maintenance teams under pressure to carry out all of the other varying tasks, councils often rely on members of the public to report damage to buildings or trees and whilst it is not always necessary to carry out repairs, a full assessment of the risks needs to be undertaken and remedial work scheduled and completed if needed.

The problem of resourcing tree maintenance programmes isn’t just limited to parish councils though, landowners and estate owners should also keep on top of maintenance and removal of trees that have suffered damage or decay. Introducing a planned maintenance programme is an effective way to minimise potential threats and identify problems such as diseased trees, so that they can be treated or removed (if necessary) at the earliest opportunity.

We believe that with the introduction of our TreeSurv Plan earlier this year, we can help councils and landowners become proactive in their tree management, rather than reactive as is most often the case. The package ensures that, trees are regularly monitored for risk, planned maintenance, and associated budgeting, can be carried out and, most importantly, risk to the public minimised.

Our service starts with an expert coming to your site and viewing your trees and making any necessary recommendations.

TreeSurv is a monitoring service – we’ll visit every year –  and it can help owners and guardians of trees keep their property and the public safe from unwanted or unnecessary tree problems.

TreeSurv includes:

  • Free annual viewing and assessment of your trees
  • Free advice, assistance and recommendations
  • Free tree location plan and written schedule of works (prices valid for 12 months)

Of course there are times when nature takes it’s course which results in branches or trees falling or uprooting, we’ve made sure that in adopting our TreeSurv package, parish councils and landowners can be assured that our emergency service is available  with a priority response promise, all without additional call out fees.