The most popular trees for your garden

by fse-admin - / 14.05.2015

What is the popular choice for trees in the garden?

Trees offer year round interest in any garden – from blossom to leaf colour, berries and even fruit. In any size, to suit any garden, there are so many varieties to choose from it can be difficult to know which is best for your garden.

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a tree but some of the most important are:

  1. Height & width: The top of our list for a very good reason! Even ornamental trees can reach a height of 6-7m (20-23ft) or more if left. If you have a restricted area, such as a courtyard garden, columnar trees are a great option as they are less likely to spread.
  2. Season: When do you want your tree to look at its best? Fruit trees are perfect if you are looking for colour and interest in more than one season. Always check individual trees for their flowering times.
  3. Deciduous or evergreen: If you are looking for year round foliage, then evergreens are the obvious choice. Remember though, they won’t give you the striking colours of autumn foliage that their deciduous relatives offer.
  4. Love thy neighbour: Consider the planting position, being careful to take into consideration the trees location in relation to your neighbour’s property. Take into account the height and spread of the fully grown tree when buying to avoid potential disputes in years to come.

Ssilverbircho, you’ve decided which types of trees are most suited to you and your outdoor space. Here are a few of varieties for you to consider:

  1. Japanese Maple – There are lots of variations for this popular tree. The Butterfly variety is our favourite. From tiny red flowers in spring, grey-green foliage throughout the summer to vibrant red leaves during the autumn this small ornamental tree grows to approx. 2m
  2. Korean Fir – For year round colour and interest, this tree is hard to beat! Slow growing and manageable this stunning fir can grow to an ultimate height of 10m.
  3. Leyland Cypress ‘Castlewellan’ – Fast growing and evergreen, this tree is more commonly used as hedging in the UK. This particular variety has golden foliage with small cones developing in late summer. Height (up to) 25m.
  4. Silver Birch Tree – One of the most popular trees in Britain. Recognised by its silvery white bark and drooping branches, it’s a very decorative tree for planting both as a landscape tree and in small gardens. Height (up to) 18m.
  5. Oak – Nothing is more representative of the British countryside than a solid oak tree. They are sun loving, easy to grow evergreens but be warned! They are not for the feint hearted with an eventual height of 25m.

If you are looking for just one tree and it’s fruit you’re after, here are our recommendations:

  1. Apple –Perfect for the smaller garden with room for only one tree. With beautiful blossoms in the spring and fruits ready from early autumn, the apple tree is a firm family favourite! Spread can be up to 4m (13’)
  2. Fig – Figs make a superb feature when trained against a sunny wall. For best results though, grow in a container on the patio. Fruits develop in spring and ripen from August to September. Fig trees can spread up to 4m (13’).
  3. Hazelnut – Hazelnut (also known as the ‘Kentish Cob’) is probably the easiest to grow in the garden. A mass of yellow-green catkins in early spring is followed by a crop of cobnuts in from September onwards. Its spread is 3m (9’) and nuts will start to appear after about 2 years.

From shade, fruit, autumn colour, fragrance, flowers and height, trees can bring so much to a garden and, after the first year or two, trees need little maintenance or pruning and usually look after themselves with just a little routine care. Remember, as well as adding an extra dimension to your garden, trees also have extremely valuable environmental benefits.