Project: Oak Tree, Waldringfield

by fse-admin - / 05.08.2015

Sometimes we have to take difficult decisions to remove trees that have quite simply gone beyond being able to be saved.  This was the case recently when we were called in to assess an old oak tree in Waldringfield initially with a view to undertaking a crown reduction on it.

The first stage of any job is to provide an inspection report which covers the positioning, environment and condition of the tree and our recommended course of action to the owner.  Our inspection of the oak revealed that the tree had suffered a degree of die back in the crown and past pruning had caused some wounds and potentially weak joints. In addition, the report identified that there was a large hollow in the trunk and extensive decay in over 50% of its diameter from the height of 1m up to 5m, deeming it to be an unstable structure.

With the age of the tree, the level of decay and the balance of the canopy combined with potentially heavy and dangerous overhanging limbs taken into consideration, performing a crown reduction to the extent that was needed would have caused considerable stress to the oak which it would not have responded well to and in this case our recommendation was complete removal of the tree.

Accepting our recommendation, the landowner booked our expert team to undertake the two day project to take this once impressive old oak tree down.


Here is the story of those two days in pictures.

Day One: Removal of the limbs, branches and leaves

DSC_0015  DSC_0019  DSC_0020  DSC_0021  Day two

Day Two: Removal of the main trunks

DSC_0024  DSC_0025 DSC_0026  DSC_0027  DSC_0028 DSC_0029  DSC_0030


The woodchips were used locally for mulching.

Equipment used:

Unimog U1650 plus HIAB 085 demountable crane with 13.7m reach positioned behind the cab & trailer.


More about this equipment:

1 x 7.5t Mercedes-Benz Atego with mounted access platform to provide access at height and a further truck with chip box to remove wood chips from the site.


If you would like more information on our services or on hiring on our access platform equipment, please contact us on 01473 635193.